Exercise: Train your gut feeling

We experience our moments of happiness more intensely when we perceive them with all of our senses. And by focusing on our senses we train our perception inwards which allows us to more easily connect with and listen to our gut feelings, which are a valuable indicator in many situations. Thus, we compiled an audio … Read more

Exercise: Happiness balance

According to the definition presented, our life is fulfilled when we perceive a positive balance of moments of happiness to unhappiness. Exercise: Reflect once again on the moments of happiness and unhappiness you collected in the last module and build your “personal happiness balance”. Feel free to use our template for this exercise, which you … Read more

Exercise: Collect your moments of happiness and unhappiness

Collect your individual moments of happiness (and, while you’re at it, also your moments of unhappiness, which we’ll get to at a later stage) over the course of at least one week to increase your awareness for your everyday life experiences.  A good routine would e.g. be to briefly remember every evening what went particularly … Read more

Exercise: What’s missing?

At zentor, we leverage the existing scientific knowledge and tools to serve as a mentor for the pursuit of happiness. At time, however, we also develop our own methods and one tool we developed to easily measure happiness, is our zentor Purpose Score (ZPS), which we have scientifically validated together with the Technical University of … Read more

Exercise: Goal setting for this course

When searching for purpose, we recommend spending some time at the beginning of your ‘journey’, to clarify for yourself which aspects of your life you’d like to focus on, which hurdles to expect and how to orient yourself along the way. Please reflect on your objectives, hurdles and orientation for this course and write down … Read more

Assignment Mindfulness

Do the mindfulness practice for at least 3 days and reflect on the following questions:  How did I feel before the mindfulness exercise? What were my: Feelings? Thoughts? Body sensations?    How did I feel after the mindfulness exercise? What were my: Feelings? Thoughts? Body sensations? What has changed? ​If you are interested in dedicated apps for mindfulness mediation you can search for and … Read more

Exercise Mindfulness

If you’ve done this before, you’ll probably know how this process works. If this is your first time, congratulations on trying out something new! The best way to do this is to find a place, where you will be undisturbed for 10-15 minutes, remember to switch off your cell phone and sit down somewhere comfortably, … Read more

Assignment Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Do the Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise for at least 3 days over the course of a week and see if you notice any change in your perception of stress. How did you feel before the relaxation exercise – how were your emotions, thoughts, body sensations? And how did you feel after the relaxation exercise – how … Read more

Exercise Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a body technique, in which individual muscle groups are consciously flexed and relaxed again, thus contributing to rapid recovery after periods of intense stress. Prepare yourself to lie flat on your back, e.g. on a mat, on the carpet on the floor, or on your bed and be ready to relax. … Read more