Evaluate your progress with the ZPS

Have you already started to experience more happiness or a more fulfilling life by reflecting on these topics in the past couple of weeks, learning something about yourself and creating your Purpose Statement? Here’s how to find out: Use our scientifically validated zentor Purpose Score (ZPS) at the bottom of this page to measure your … Read more

Integrating your key insights

The more ways you ‘process’ insights (reading, hearing, seeing, reflecting, feeling, talking about them, etc.) the better these insights will be internalized and turned into action. Thus, a good way to kick-start integrating more purpose into your life is to briefly summarize the key things you took away with you. Thus, we invite you to … Read more

Exercise: Your Purpose Statement

Now it’s time to get down to business: Start with your first draft of a Purpose Statement! It shouldn’t take you more 15 minutes and by the end it will feel really good to read that sentence.  The best way to proceed is as follows: Start with your strengths and pick out those 1-2 signature … Read more

Further techniques to asses your signature strengths

In addition to the life line approach and reflecting about defining moments, there are a few other approaches that can support you in recognizing signature strengths:    VIA online test One of these is a free online test from the VIA Institute of Character – all you need to do is register with an email address. … Read more

Exercise: Reflecting on defining moments

We invite you to use the exercise template, which you can access via the “materials” tab above and which you can also find in your workbook. If you would like to arrange a coaching session to work with us on this exercise, we would be happy to receive your request.  Depending on which package you have booked, sessions … Read more

Exercise: Defining moments

Take ca. 15 minutes to remember and write down defining moments of your past.  Keep the following tips in mind: Focus on moments that left a lasting impression: realization, change, pride, euphoria, sadness, shock, etc.  The list does not have to be complete, but you should aim for at least 3 positive / negative moments … Read more

The zentor Purpose Score

You might have already taken the zentor Purpose Score (ZPS) at the beginning of the course, though we would still recommend that you invest 3 minutes at this point in order to find out if something has changed in how you feel about a fulfilling life and the sources for moments of happiness. The zentor … Read more