OMMAX Purpose-Driven Leadership 2022

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Dear OMMAX Team,

we look forward to your training and hope you’ll take away useful insights and tips to further develop your leadership style.

We’ve compiled additional information and documents for your training:

Live Sessions

  • 23.09.22 – Kick-off (prep work) with the presentation as pdf document here.
  • 06.10.22 – Bootcamp Day 1
  • 07.10.22 – Bootcamp Day 2
  • 20.01.23 – Follow-up with the presentation as pdf document here.

Key lessons in the online course (as preparation)

A click on each title will take you directly to the corresponding lesson:

Templates for prep work and exercises during the trainng

Link to the .pdf templates

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us with an email via

We look forward to a great training and wish you all the best for it,
Your zentor team

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